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Model Benny Harlem Gets Caught Up Over His Hair


Model Benny Harlem Gets Caught Up Over His Hair

He pretty well know on social media, but after gettin caught up on YouTube… he’s become a viral sensation.

In a YouTube video posted by tonyvera1902, a man was seen walking around LAX Airport with a hairstyle that is very… lets say… unique? Not much was known about the man except he says he’s from New York City.

Turns out the mystery man was award winning model Benny Harlem. Don’t know who he is? Well he blew up on social media a few years back when his modeling pic started turning into memes over his hair. As a matter of fact he holds the Guinness World Record for his 20.5 inch high top fade!



Since then, he’s become a motivational speaker and teacher. But still… I have so many questions I want to ask this guy. Like, how do you get into a car?  When do people NOT stare at you? and how the hell do you wash that thing?

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